Just like all arts and crafts from an ancient time, the skills and art of melting metals have been handed down from father to son until today, evolving and constantly taking on new forms in the same way metal is moulded according to man’s creative power.

Today’s foundry is no longer the one of a hundred years ago. It is in constant transformation and yet its soul is still imbued with the ancient, glorious spirit of its founders: innovation and tradition are simply the two faces of the same coin.

From the manufacturing of shovels and soil-tilling tools to the production of wind power and photovoltaic components, many things have changed over the years –plants, scientific knowledge, technical skills and laws – yet one thing has always remained the same: the central role played by people. Their creativity, efforts and passion are the backbone and lifeblood of our company, today like a hundred years ago.



Giuseppe Ariotti, called Pinì, leaves the Marzoli company and founds a small foundry with the Rossi brothers in Palazzolo S/O.


The company is bombed by chance during an air raid, meant to crash the railway bridge in Palazzolo S/O.


Teobaldo Ariotti, Giuseppe’s son, enters the company.


Cesare Ariotti, Teobaldo’s son, enters the company.


The new society Ariotti-Rumi S.p.A is established.


The company moves to Adro in a bigger estate and gets renovated.


The company changes its name into Fonderie Ariotti S.p.A


Roberto Ariotti, Cesare’ son, enters the company. 


Giorgio Ariotti, Roberto’s brother, enters the company.


A new building is built next to the previous one. In the following years many investments are made, from the underground pattern stockroom, to the painting department, to the photovoltaic plants.